Grain Collective is a landscape architecture and urban design practice dedicated to a rich design and planning process that incorporates research and collaboration from varied professionals and stakeholders to create successful, aesthetically pleasing and experientially diverse environments.

Diverse Grain: The essence of our design philosophy is based in the belief that habitats should be dynamic, inviting and inclusive, allow for various activities as well as ensure a rich multiplicity and diversity of experiences. These experiential narratives are influenced by not only the physical site, but the broader, dynamic nature of the city and region in which they are located. Informed by the specifics of history, culture, and social diversity, we seek to craft unique solutions that are inspired by the spirit of a place and the people that inhabit it. Our belief has been enriched and informed by our experience and knowledge gained from living and working in different cities and countries across the world. We eagerly seek out these challenges of working in diverse contexts and cultures and look forward to having a global impact.

Collective Spirit: The contemporary practice of landscape architecture and urban design increasingly demands collaborative efforts with various groups of people including design professionals, environmentalists, engineers, artists, city agencies, institutions and private developers. Grain Collective’s approach is based on the idea of collaboration and believes in drawing from a diverse group of professionals where experts from different backgrounds come together, bound by their zeal and commitment to innovate and create context-specific sustainable design solutions that work to maintain the health and character of our built environment and our public realm. Responding to projects across varied scales, from visionary master planning to detailed design resolutions, we pride ourselves on following through from conception to construction.

Smart Setup: Collaborating with experts from various fields, we have learned that in this challenging and competitive environment one must have smart and efficient systems that allow for a smooth working process and an excellent delivery system. We have refined our processes over the years and are confident that we will honor our commitments and deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner. Our effort to streamline our working practices has allowed us to be lean, effective and in return making us cost effective without compromising quality or altering our approach.