monterrey | nl | mexico

PROJECT AREA: 6.5 km streetscape | 4 acre park
PROJECT SCOPE: landscape design | detail design
PROJECT STATUS: in progress
CLIENT: Capital Natural


Districto Valle del Campestre (DVC) is a community initiative, which aims to create an urban development model that improves the quality of life of every person related to the area. The DVC, in synergy with the local authorities, launched in 2013 a study focused on a sustainable mobility strategy and last year completed a conceptual sustainable Mobility Masterplan outlining the initial vision for the District.
The DVC aims to create a balanced city where its diverse components support and protect each other and are connected though safe and accessible ways.

This vision reflects the views and aspirations of the districtís residents, property owners and government instances. The vision is guided though these overarching principles:

  • To preserve the existing residential areas.
  • To improve all forms of mobility within the district.
  • To increase accessibility and connectivity within its parts.
  • To create a network of green interconnected public spaces