Marshak Plaza

brooklyn | new york | usa

PROJECT AREA: 20000 sqft
PROJECT SCOPE: roof garden
PROJECT STATUS: design development
CLIENT: Charney Construction | Tavros Development Partners


2 acre plaza elevated two floors from street was design in 1970’s as a foreground to Marshak building in the heart of CUNY campus. Originally plaza had 6 tennis courts that have not been since last 20 years and its in derelict condition. Grain Collective was asked to conduct a feasibility study to determine the best use for plaza keeping in mind tight budget constraints.

Plaza design proposes three major elements around as desired by CUNY:
1. Large major green area
2. Jogging Track
3. Retain some tennis courts. Keeping the above requirement we visualize this plaza as a ‘playful campus green’ – a new kind of open space for a campus. US campus historically have open spaces of formal nature, but given the location of CUNY and the fact that this is not a typical open space, our design proposes series of informal activities within a very formal form. We are allowing for various active and passive recreation structured around the three basic requirements.