• Runit Chhaya


    Grain Collective is led by Runit Chhaya who has over a dozen years of experience in landscape architecture and urban design projects. He lives in New York City and has worked on public and private sector projects in the Northeast region of the US for the last ten years.Runit maintains involvement with every project of the firm and manages the day-to-day operations, maintains client contacts and provides quality control to ensure high excellence designs.

  • Sapna Advani

    Director- Urban Design, Community Planning

    Sapna Advani is an urban designer and planner with more than a dozen years of experience working on successful and innovative urban environments in many cities. She incorporates a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach in all her work that includes research and analysis, strategic thinking, public stakeholder and community engagement. She brings values of equity and innovation to create innovative concepts and design strategies that lead to the development of functional and meaningful places and processes.

  • Kate Belski

    Director - Landscape Architecture

    Kate Belski is a landscape architect and horticulturalist with nearly a decade of experience working on successful and innovative landscape projects in New York City. Driven by a desire to cultivate relationships between urban residents and the ecosystem that they live in her work encourages people to participate in the outdoor environment by creating a diversity of unique experiences and perspectives.

  • Ziqing Chen

    Landscape Designer

    Ziqing received a Master of Landscape Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, where her thesis examined the effects of climate change on urbanization patterns in Queens, NY. Ziqing completed her Bachelor of Agronomy from China Agriculture University majoring in Horticulture. Her undergraduate studies focused on the cultivation and maintenance of floral species in agricultural landscapes.

  • Xue Gao

    Landscape Designer

  • Xiang Zhao

    Landscape Designer

    Xiang Zhao is a project designer that has a background in both landscape architecture and urban planning. He is a sensitive thinker who explores an interdisciplinary design process that reveals an artistic expression in his work, both visually and tangibly. As a landscape designer at Grain Collective, he is always applying his passion, skills and knowledge to creative graphic representations, landscape designs, details and documentation.

  • Shruti Deore

    Urban Designer

    Architectural designer by profession, with an innate capacity to facilitate social and ecological well-being. Shruti’s design intent centers around unearthing the unseen and unnoticed that shape behaviors, cultures, relationships and the larger ecosystems that we inhabit. She is an advocate for the community and voicing cultural and neighborhood narratives is the purpose of her being.

  • Patricia Salas

    Architectural Designer

  • Nate Parks

    Landscape Designer

  • Mitali Naik

    Urban Designer

  • Gea Ferrone

    Architectural Designer

    Gea is an Italian licensed Architect with over 7 years of extensive landscape architecture experience in both the United States and United Kingdom. Her portfolio includes projects from concept through construction, delivering recognizable and dynamic design ideas with a creative and sustainable approach.

  • Andrew McHenry

    Landscape Architect

    Andrew McHenry has over 8 years of experience in diverse project types. He has worked locally and internationally on projects varying in size and scale from playground for School Construction Authority in New York City, to a 5-mile-long bike and pedestrian corridor along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Andrew has extensive experience in the coordination of small and large project teams and the design and documentation of large and small landscapes, master plans, and infrastructure projects.

  • Shweta Advani

    Visual Designer

    Shweta Advani is a talented designer who is skilled at the visual language of communication and story telling that she applies through various mediums to her process — from traditional print-based tools of the trade, like infographics, maps, posters, fliers, banners, postcards etc. to more tactile, sculptural elements of games, models and video-based animation and interactive design. She brings those skills to support the design and engagement efforts of all the projects at Grain Collective.

  • Julian Kochek

    Visual Designer

  • Dia Ager

    Visual Designer