brooklyn | new york | usa

PROJECT AREA: 50,000 sqft
PROJECT SCOPE: Landscape Design | Detail Design
CLIENT: Two Trees Management | NYC DCA
ARCHITECT: Ten Arquitectos


The South Plaza is intended to provide a generously scaled multi-­use space for the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District’s diverse events, performances, daily activities and special events. It is first and foremost a grand urban plaza, designed to enable people to gather, sit, relax, eat, people-­watch, or simply pass through a vital and engaging public place. In addition, the South Plaza is designed as a flexible-­use space that can accommodate a broad range of programming including outdoor movies, temporary markets, outdoor café dining, and performances.

The building and plaza at the South Site are designed with green building practices in mind. The design team is employing a range of features to insure that its construction and longevity will minimally impact the environment. Green building features of the plaza include the following:

  • Light color paving.
  • Permeable paving for water infiltration at planting areas.
  • Tree coverage shading.
  • Native plants that support ecological services.
  • Dark sky compliant lighting.