Community Outreach 

Brooklyn Greenway

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PROJECT SCOPE: Community Engagement
PROJECT STATUS: Completed 2017
CLIENT: Brooklyn Greenway Initiative/ Dewberry


Grain Collective was hired by the Brooklyn Greenway in collaboration with Dewberry, SCAPE, Grain Collective and SBIDC to explore how the Greenway can provide emergency access during a flood event and contribute to flood risk reduction.

The Red Hook community was invited to attend a public event in the summer of 2017. The eveneing’s activities included an open house, a presentation and a Q&A session. Participants were able to review and engage with boards that focused on the project goals and the overall Greenway opportunities. Details were provided for five sites: Pocket Park at Imlay Street Entrance; Pioneer Street Park and Parking; Clinton Wharf Ferry Terminal; Berm at Ferris Street; Elevated Bridge at Ferris Street. Representives from SCAPE and Dewberry were in attendance to present, provide information and answer questions.

In addition, participants were asked to vote on Red Hook needs and priorities as well as amenities that they would like to see in their public open spaces.

In general the audience seemed to in support of the shared proposals and how the greenway could contribute to establishing flood management and emergency access in the future. However there were several comments about current living conditions and the need for immediate and interim measures to address flood protection.