bangalore | india

PROJECT SCOPE: Landscape Design | Detail Design
CLIENT: Assetz Premium Holding Pvt LTD


Features of the site terrain were capitilized to create private and public green spaces. The central area was spread across 1.5 acres which also formed the focal point of this project as the recreational club. It is from this center that the living spaces branch out into phases. Phase 1 has 75 homes that are designed to connect the residents with the abundance of nature and openess that surrounds it. The road network was designed to stay on the preiphery of the living spaces allowing the heart of the open spaces to be a vehicular-free zone. Pathways connect green pockets and walking zones with homes and play areas creating a pedestrian friendly place.

Club house anchors the hub which would bring the community together in numerous ways. Focusing on the tropical nature of the region, this 1.5 acre core is an attempt to create a rich and lush green space that has something for everyone.

A large part of the 13,000 sqft of Phase one green is laid along the central spine. This green spine has spaces for play, relaxation and pleasure. There are children activities that connect the backyards of the residences to this green spine.