Public School 244

queens | new york | usa

PROJECT AREA: 5,000 sqft
PROJECT SCOPE: School Playground
CLIENT: NYC School Construction Authority


The overall vision for the new playground will be to create a safe play environment that maximizes the school’s space and improves upon its existing features. The playground design will assist with physical, emotional as well as social development of children.

Playground design improves the space utilization by adding extra safety surface, play equipment, organized storage and additional amenities as requested by School.

We have proposed following for play ground.

A. Provide a new climbing play feature as researched by school.
B. Install new basketball hoops and painted court as per school request.
C. Relocate painted games to new location.
D. Apply color wearing athletic top coat on existing asphalt and concrete to allow for organized play area.
F. Improve layout of gardening space to better utilize the space and remove the existing fence and concrete curbs. Install steeped seating for outdoor classroom within this space.
G. Install new 8feet high shade structure as per new design.