Neighborhood Planning 

Central Library

brooklyn | new york | usa

PROJECT SCOPE: Urban Planning | Community Engagement
CLIENT: Brooklyn Public Library


Central Library is BPL’s flagship and most visited branch, serving as the foundation for the entire system. Grain is part of the team supporting BPL in engaging thousands of library patrons and staff as the library embarks on an ambitious and exciting renovation plan to meet the needs of a growing borough- through modernization of the building, increasing public access, and allowing the Central Library to better meet the needs of its millions of users, while retaining its original historic character.

Library patrons were informed, and engaged through various stakeholder meetings, focus groups, community events, interactive exhibits, surveys and engaging activities. Over 2100 comments and ideas were received on likes, dislikes, priorities, and visions for the future of Central Library. This input helped shape the spaces, infrastructure, programs, look & feel and the operations. Deeper engagements through multiple focus groups, surveys and workshops were conducted with the adult learning community and teens, to help inform a new Adult learning Center and a brand-new dedicated space for teens to create, discover, socialize, and learn.