Neighborhood Planning 

NYCHA Communications Campaign

multiple sites | new york | usa

PROJECT AREA: Multiple Sites
PROJECT SCOPE: Communication Design | Community Engagement
CLIENT: NYC Housing Authority



The Energy & Sustainability Department at NYCHA is working towards activating capital construction projects and create a culture and excitement around sustainability through education materials, engagement and resident programming. Grain Collective assisted NYCHA in creating a fundraising package/ digital catalog of select capital construction projects to elevate stakeholder awareness NYCHA’s investments and programs in their communities. The projects included themes like open space and green infrastructure, mattress recycling and pneumatic waste collection, weatherization and retrofitting solutions, amongst many others. The campaign products created include baseball cards (5” x 7”) that capture the essence of the project within a five minute read and a more detailed catalog (11”x 8.5”) to thoroughly educate the reader on detailed concepts and its impact on the NYCHA portfolio. These products can be
found on NYCHA’s sustainability agenda website.