Brooklyn Gold
Recreational roof

brooklyn | ny | usa

PROJECT AREA: 9500 sqft
PROJECT SCOPE: roof gardens
CLIENT: Lalezarian Construction


Located on the busy intersection of Tillary Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, the project brief was to create a recreational rooftop landscape to add a distinctive value to the apartment complex. As a reaction to the high rental inventory of the neighborhood and with receding real estate market, the developer wanted to create a landscape amenity which could be used as a marketing tool to attract future clients.

The landscape was expressed as a series of activity pads that nestled within soft landscapes get connected by a promenade. The promenade ended in a series of spaces that were used as viewing areas to enjoy fabulous Manhattan views. The mechanical equipment areas were tackled by enclosing them in ‘folly’s’ within the landscape. One of these enclosures was turned into a wind tower which will be visible both from the street level and the Manhattan Bridge.