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Urban Planning 


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PROJECT AREA: 42 acres
PROJECT SCOPE: strategic framework plan
PROJECT STATUS: completed 2010
CLIENT: Downtown Alliance, New York


Five Principles for Greenwich South sets forth the Downtown Alliance’s point of view about what could and should happen in Greenwich South, the neighborhood immediately south of the World Trade Center. In collaboration with Architecture Research Office, Beyer Blinder Belle conducted and refined an extensive research, with the help of a brain trust that resulted in five central principles for the master plan to redevelop Greenwich South to create a dense, vibrant, and diverse urban realm. These included specific change such as reconnecting Greenwich Street through the World Trade Center site, which would improve connectivity through the neighborhood while others are guidelines for development: “Encourage an Intense Mix of Uses,” “Build for Density, Design for People,” and “Create a Reason to Come and a Reason to Stay.” These principles were then used as the basis for a charrette with 12 firms that created ideas for specific developments in the redefined neighborhood and a list of action items to jump-start redevelopment.

The ideas and research have been presented to the community with accompanying exhibitions at local Zuccotti Park and the AIA New York’s Center for Architecture, a series of panel discussions, and a web site.