oragadam | tamil nadu | india

PROJECT AREA: 100 acre
PROJECT SCOPE: masterplan
PROJECT STATUS: completion December 2011
CLIENT: ArchitetureRED


Indian cities are undergoing rapid transformation with the addition of several large scale developments that are occurring as new suburbs along the fringes and outskirts of cities. This project redefines the expression of a typical suburb. Allow-density fabric that offers a leisurely atmosphere is combined with the diversity and the convenience of an urban setup to create a vibrant living option. It is an approach that combines the benefits of both the suburban and the urban configuration, providing a novel way of planning a new township.

The circulation is defined by a green movement corridor that forms the central spine of the development, tying the northern parcel to the south across the central stream, linking to destination nodes at ends of the spine. These destination nodes are planned to cater to the community at large in addition to the residents of the GeoCity. The landscape design framework is defined by the three natural water streams within the site, present use of the land and the past ecological history of the land. An unexpected juxtaposition of a ‘forest’ landscape by the ‘urbia’ is explored to create natural and ambient outdoor spaces that work in a hot tropical environment. Articulation of the existing water systems is explored by using traditional wisdom manifested through a contemporary design vocabulary in order to respond to the changing requirements of an emerging India.