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springfield | quinsland | australia

PROJECT AREA: 890 acre
PROJECT SCOPE: master plan
PROJECT STATUS: complated 2001
CLIENT: Springfield Land Corporation


A vision for a new world class city, Greater Springfield is the largest master planned city and community development under single ownership in Australia. Set in a beautifully dramatic natural site, along a growth corridor, about 30 minutes from Brisbane, the program calls for creating new residential neighborhoods, a core town center and various specialist precincts focusing on health, education, business, retail and information and communications technology. This city of the future is founded on the principles of integrated master-planning that accommodates the concept of live, work, play and learn in the one healthy sustainable community that is supported by robust public transport, roads, health and education facilities, sewerage, storm water management and open-space systems.

The organizing principle of the site layout, the circulation network and the public realm plan is inspired by the natural topography of the land. The valleys create the natural boundaries of the four neighborhoods and five vista peaks that surround the site are to be incorporated into scenic pocket parks. The town center is nestled in natural ravine that is at the center of the site and takes full advantage of the dramatic terrain. Concepts for each of the precincts incorporate high quality architecture integrated with vibrant public plazas.