Neighborhood Planning 

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PROJECT SCOPE: master plan
PROJECT STATUS: complated 2010
CLIENT: New York City Economic Development Corporation


The City of New York envisions a vibrant and environmentally sustainable new community at Willets Point, Queens that leverages the presence of Citi Field stadium to become an exciting retail and entertainment destination district. The plan for the mixed-use neighborhood consists of three basic sub-districts: a retail/entertainment core that also includes housing, hospitality and other uses; a residential community focused around a neighborhood park; and a convention center.

There are three gateways into the site that include transit, pedestrian and vehicular options. An iconic public open space, the “Nexus Plaza” is the major point of arrival and access to the interior of the site. A hub for a dynamic mix of day and nighttime activities, it is defined by innovative architecture and public space design.

A second major open space, the Neighborhood Park, provides a contrastively quiet neighborhood green space for residents, and is the location of a proposed K-8 school and community center.

Environmentally sustainable practices will be integrated with building design, landscape, and site infrastructure to include stormwater management, ecological restoration, and site remediation strategies.