Through meaningful, dynamic collaborations with clients, partners, and stakeholders, we design projects that empower communities.

Grain is a landscape architecture and urban planning practice, based in New York. With decades of experience working alongside clients in both the public and private sectors, our approach is informed by our international experience: working on behalf of diverse communities, and our conviction that collaboration among stakeholders is the only way to make lasting impact. 

Landscape Architecture

All of our projects are guided by the goal of facilitating meaningful experiences: bringing people closer to nature, creating communal spaces that support connection, advocating for “greener” ways of living through inviting sustainable projects. Our Landscape portfolio boasts public housing developments, playgrounds, plazas, private gardens, waterfront public space, streetscapes, masterplans, campuses and mixed-use developments. While we have worked around the world, we have a particular depth of experience working in New York City, in lockstep with a variety of municipal and state agencies. 

Urban Planning

Grain’s urban planning practice is as broad as it is effective. We work with clients to envision their projects from community perspectives of physical space, environmental sustainability, and economic vitality so we can design beautiful, practical, and equitable places to live, work, and play. Our engagement and strategic communications campaigns are creative and proactive, working to inspire stakeholder participation interactively and through all mediums.